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Gibbs Construction is a family owned and operated company that has provided a quality construction service for the past 28 years. We have performed a wide variety of jobs including all different scopes of excavation work, construction, and demolition. Our current focus at Gibbs Construction lies in demolition and proper building removal. Below is a list of equipment that provides us with the right tools to complete the jobs effectively and efficiently.

These machines have been highly effective in many large-scale demolition projects, as well as many excavation projects that Gibbs Construction has performed over the duration of our company. Along with effective machines, we believe that machines are only as good as the operators that run them. Operators also have completed the 30 hour OSHA supervisor safety course. Gibbs Construction is also a member of the drug free work program. We also have in place a company safety health policies and procedures documents. All these policies, procedures, and safety programs have allowed us to complete jobs safely and according to state law. Provided below is a list of some demolition projects we have performed in the last several years.

Gibbs Construction

Mark Gibbs, Owner